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Monday, July 22, 2013

Help Me Choose What To Write Next!

Last week we talked about what an author should give away on his or her author blog.

The resounding conclusion was that a serialized novel would be of great interest to most people. I want to thank everyone who contacted me with their thoughts and suggestions. I spent a very busy few days last week getting back to all those that were kind enough to email!

So, a serialized novel, eh?

Good. Now, I don't want to break up an old story and send it out - that would feel like cheating. What I want to do is to write a new novel - and give it away a chapter at a time - as it is being written. Live writing - yay!

But which one? I have quite a few ideas for my next fiction project but, to be honest, I'm a bit stuck on which to pursue for this particular exercise.

So, again, it's over to you.

Which of the following ideas do you think I should develop into a serialized novel?

You can vote on more than one!


Matt Johnson is a detective constable with a chip on his shoulder. He's also not a great cop - according to his bosses - and his wife. They want him out of the force. To rescue his career and marriage he must solve a series of crimes - a serial killer case, a political corruption scandal and a drug bust - all within 14 days - to save his job and his life.

This one's plotted, but I have admit the 'feel' of it is still fairly vague in my head.

Dead Center

More familiar ground for me. I have two characters I have used in several stories already. Patrick Whynowski - an aging rock star - and DI Theresa Maddox. In this story, they team up to investigate a series of murders apparently committed by dead people. In a race against time they must defeat a modern day alchemist who is raising the dead and threatening to destabilize the world. 

This one's plotted too - and I've actually written the first 20000 words.

The Essene Heresy

This one could be huge - and challenging. An ancient scroll dating from the time of Christ details a ritual that guarantees immortality, A glamorous female writer commissions a psychic detective to help her find the scroll. On the way they discover that the owner of a multi-national corporation is also hunting for the scroll and will stop at nothing to possess it. The ensuing drama crosses three continents and the climax involves an army of the undead, combined national intelligence forces and the potential unleashing of a terrible secret that could rock the known world.

I have a synopsis for this. I think it could be awesome but it would be a lot of work to get it just right!

PSI Kids: Harley

The first book of this series (available on Kindle) is about Willow - she's a 15 year old orphan and psychic who teams up with 14 year old Harley to investigate a murder. The second book would be about Harley - who has a relationship with a ghost called Rick - who basically acts as a surrogate father to him.

I don't have a plot for this at all - yet. Just some vague thoughts, none of which have concreted.  

Jack and the Wild

This is a twist on the old Jekyll and Hyde story. A ten year old boy leaves home after drinking a poisoned energy drink that turns him into a monster. The story details the adventure he has while on the run. With the help of a young girl and an Aboriginal teenager, they pursue and then confront an evil professor bent on world domination. It's for kids but has a lot of horror type action weaved into its fabric.

This one is fully plotted - but so far I haven't written more than a few thousand words.

So now it's decision time!

Please click on the story you'd most like me to tell. (You can pick more than one.)

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I'd really appreciate some guidance here. And remember - this is all for YOU. As my cherished subscriber, you'll get the story you want!

Thanks in advance. I'll announce the results next Tuesday.

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