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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Essene Heresy - a supercharged thriller in the making...

My editor and I have decided that the most effective way to ensure quality chapters of The Essene Heresy serialization is to delay the prologue by a week.

Only the best to you, that's what I say!

All writers know that we can't put out writing that is in any way substandard: random typos, missing words and (worst of all) suspect grammar. I'm determined to release only the finest version of this upcoming novel that it is possible to create.

So the prologue is written. As far as I'm concerned, it rocks - but it's going to spend a week being polished and edited to perfection.

I want my readers to have the very best experience possible when they finally get to read the first installment. I want to truly entertain you with this story - as if you're reading something you bought from a quality bookstore.

I hope you'll be forgiving of this slight pause in the proceedings.

I'm sure you'll think it's justified when you witness the final result!

What I'm trying to do with this exercise is create a full-on unique experience whereby you get to see a quality thriller in the making. And to be part of it - and, if you like, get involved.

As you can see (above, top right corner) I've put together a draft cover for the book, just so there's a visual reference point. In case it's hard to see, it's a rendition of the famous Copper Scroll overlaid with an exploding car with the main characters - Jake Moss and Danica Palmer - running from it.

The Copper Scroll is interesting because academics and archeologists don't really know what to make of it. On the surface it looks like a treasure map to precious metals presumably buried in the Qumran area.

But some researchers suggest it's either an elaborate 2000 year old hoax, or that it refers to treasure long since dug up by the Romans.

It's assumed that the Copper Scroll is Essene because it was found in a cave behind some of the Dead Sea Scrolls - but what doesn't make sense is that the Essenes were known to be a semi-monastic order who would be most unlikely to have stockpiled treasure, unless it was of religious significance.

I use the Copper Scroll as a starting point in The Essene Heresy. Curiously, the scroll refers to another scroll which has never been found but is said to contain more specific information about the treasure - including perhaps the reasons for its existence. Here is where my fiction takes over.

I won't spoil the plot for you - except to say that at the beginning of The Essene Heresy, a digital file of the alleged second scroll is apparently in the possession of a Greek professor living in Boston - until he's found dead, clearly murdered. His computer - and all his research notes - are missing…

Please, sign up for weekly installments of The Essene Heresy - a supercharged thriller in the making - and be part of this unique literary experiment!

The best to you.

Rob Parnell

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