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Monday, September 16, 2013

Chapter Four - The Essene Heresy

Hi Peeps!

Chapter 4 of my new super-charged thriller in the making is available now. Click on the link below:


Thanks for following this story - your feedback has been awesome!

To recap - in case you missed the previous parts:

In the caves around Qumran in the Israeli occupied territory, a priest and his young charge have been forced to leave their home following an assault on their town by fearsome mercenaries. They took with them a box of unknown contents.

Next day, a Harvard professor of antiquities is killed by an assassin looking for the professor's files on the Essene Copper Scroll.

In Coober Pedy, Outback Australia, ex-psychic Jake Moss is hiding from the world after a public meltdown in Boston. He needs to feel better about himself before he faces the world again.

In a London TV production office, the host of a Channel 4 show about strange phenomena decides to follow the story of the death of a Harvard professor and his connection with the Essene Copper Scroll. She sets out to find a psychic to help her.

Chapter Four picks up the story at this point.

My best to you!

Rob Parnell


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  2. Found the link so removed the post. This is getting
    so much better. I like Jake, loser that he apparently is. Can't wait for the next chapter!